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Danni Welch, M.S.CCC-SLP


Mobile FEES of NWA provides Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) services to Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri region. Danni graduated with a Masters Degree from Missouri State University in Springfield MO in Speech Pathology in 2000 and has worked with geriatrics in SNF's and Home Health agencies for 20 years. Owners Danni Welch, MS CCC-SLP and Travis Welch are originally from Neosho, MO and live in Alma AR.  Travis has been a Sales Manager for over 20 years in the River Valley.

FEES is a gold-standard, evidence-based, and cost effective swallowing assessment which requires no radiation exposure or barium consumption and can be performed in a patient's natural environment. Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are awesome but they cannot diagnose, assess or treat what they cannot see! We do not have X ray vision!  We need instrumental assessments in order to provide the best possible exam and treatment for our patients.  In the same way that you would not expect an oncologist to diagnose cancer without a diagnostic test,  SLP's  cannot be expected to diagnose dysphagia and demand patients drink thickened liquids or puree diets based on a hunch! Recent research has shown that FEES and MBSS have a 97-100% inter-rater reliability, AND  FEES has been shown to be higher in specificity and severity in identifying penetration, aspiration, residue, and spillage!

Owners Travis & Danni Welch 

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High tech, On Site Swallowing Assessments and Education

Rapid Results

Ongoing Education

Evidenced Based Practice

High Quality Images

Collaboration with your SLP

Better Therapy Outcomes Begin with Quality Imaging.

“Scheduling vfss can be bothersome and not time efficient- then you must request the medical records. I’ve watched Danni in action- she gets to your patient quick, involves you in the process and you have a report in your hand before she leaves!"

- Sarah Sullivan Sartor, M.A.CCC-SLP

"Danni has been so encouraging and supportive to us. I am so thankful she was willing to come to us and try her best to give us more answers. She gave us hope and cared about the situation. So thankful for her and her passion she has towards her patients! I would definitely recommend her!"

- Jessica Kimble

I’ve found Danni to be very professional & knowledgeable in all my dealings. She has been very accessible & accommodating to mine & my facilities schedules. It has been great having FEES as an option for my patients.

- Chris Vendel, M.A. CCC-SLP

At Bedside, without any sort of instrumental, SLP's are overdiagnosing dysphagia 70% of the time and missing silent aspiration 14% of the time!

(Leder 2002) 

On Site within 48 hours Same Day Report

We bring our fancy camera to your facility and when we leave you have the report and recommendations in your hand. No more waiting or tracking down the recommendations!

A Gold Standard Instrumentation
Mobile FEES provides diagnostic imaging with views of larynx and vocal folds.  FEES has been shown to be higher in specificity and severity in identifying penetration, aspiration, residue, and spillage when compared to MBS.

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