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Therapists In Motion & Mobile FEES Swallow Diagnostics Deliver State of The Art Diagnostics and Therapy Services to Your Door. 


Therapists In Motion

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Mobile FEES Swallow Diagnostics

Rapid Results

Ongoing Education

Evidenced Based Practice

High Quality Images

Collaboration with your SLP


“Scheduling vfss can be bothersome and not time efficient- then you must request the medical records. FEES is a great option- she gets to your patient quick, involves you in the process and you have a report in your hand before she leaves!"

"Danni has been so encouraging and supportive to us following my husbands FEES Swallowing Test.... I am so thankful she was willing to come to us.  She gave us hope and cared about the situation. So thankful for her and her passion she has towards her patients! I would definitely recommend her!"

Patty, Caregiver

"Our therapist has been exceptional at helping my husband with his speech after a stroke. She is always researching new and progressive techniques. She is very patient with him and works hard the entire scheduled time. We highly recommend!

Chris, SLP

I’ve found Danni to be very professional & knowledgeable in all my dealings. She has been very accessible & accommodating to my & my facility's schedules. It has been great having FEES as an option for my patients."

Sarah, SLP

Jessica, Caregiver


FEES- Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

Occupational Therapy



Physical Therapy


Speech and Swallowing Therapy


Fall Risk Assessment

Home Safety Evaluation


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Do you or a loved one need therapy? 

Deciding if you need therapy is a difficult decision. No case is black and white, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us to learn more. Here are a few general signs that could point to you needing physical, occupational or speech therapy:


  • You feel weak and overly tired due to a recent or chronic illness

  • You have a chronic condition that affects function, cognition and mobility (e.g., Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) 

  •  Walking or getting out of a chair, car, or bed has become very difficult 

  • You are afraid of falling or have fallen recently

  • Your joints and muscles feel stiff and painful


  • Bathing, grooming, or using the toilet has become a burden

  • You were recently hospitalized or underwent surgery

  • You were recently fitted for, or are in need of, a wheelchair or other assistive device

  • You wish to establish an exercise program to maintain and / or prevent issues


  • You have trouble swallowing your pills or food

  • Your voice is often hoarse or sounds harsh

  • Your speech is often slurred

  • When you speak it’s difficult for others to understand you

  • You have trouble remembering things, solving problems or focusing since a recent hospitalization or illness

  • You find it difficult to find the right words when speaking

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