What's the Big Deal About Swallowing Diagnostics?

Have you ever wondered?
  • How can I check to see how well my patients are tolerating the diets I prescribe?

  • How much progress has my patient made since their hospitalization and are my treatment effective?

  • How can I get a more cost-effective way to view the swallow?

  • How can I make an appt for a FEES ASAP and get the results IMMEDIATELY?

We bring our fancy camera to your facility, trial your foods and liquids, in the natural environment to determine the targeted treatment approach for your patient.  The best part is the report is printed before we leave, so no hunting down diet recommendations. Typically, patients are acutely ill when MBSS is completed in the acute setting and thickened liquids or restrictive diets are no longer necessary. We provide evidence based treatment approaches specifically for your swallowing impairment - which cannot be given without viewing the physiological reason for Dysphagia. We prescribe targeted treatment approaches and ongoing consultation to achieve higher outcomes. We owe it to our patients to provide them evidenced based treatment and exercises. Simply put there is NO WAY to do that WITHOUT knowing exactly why your patient is having difficulty.  

Photo courtesy of Hillary Cooper MA CCC-SLP

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