At Therapists in Motion we believe that people are strong. Individuals deserve the best life possible regardless of their past and current medical conditions or AGE. So Therapists In Motion was formed to work with the body, encourage the spirit, and respect the person. All in the safe haven of the home. Our therapists are also why Therapists In Motion is different. They form a bond with patients that honors their medical, personal, social, cultural, and physical histories. They help patients find their strength and restore their lives. Moving forward, they assist in retaining the strength patients need to maintain their present healthy lives. Our therapists specialize in geriatric treatments. We do in home evaluations, therapy and safety assessments. We provide Specialty Programs based on the latest research. Evidence Based Practice is our keystone!

Clinically Excellent Care

Why settle for some improvement when you could regain more of the life that you love? Our goal is to help you move around your house easier and safer, play with your grandchildren with less or no pain and regain a place in your community. We want to put quality back into your life by providing unwavering commitment.

Outpatient Therapy At Home

Our Medicare coverage is the same as any other outpatient facility. This allows us to visit every one of our patients in the comfort of their own home without the patient having to be classified as homebound. This way they don’t have to worry about transportation and they can re-learn in the perfect environment–their home.

No Set Number of Treatments

 Our services are covered under Medicare Part B, which allows us to provide the correct length of care for each patient. This way each patient can heal completely and remain healthy.

Don't wait for an illness or injury!

Staying well and strong is much easier than rehabilitating from illness or injury. Why wait until after a fall or until physical limitations require assistance from a caregiver? There is no requirement for a qualifying hospital stay...Get the help needed now.

Geriatric Specialists

Our therapists specialize in geriatric treatments. We do in-home evaluations, therapy, and safety assessments. We provide Specialty Programs based on the latest research. Evidence-Based Practice is our keystone!ow letters, that works well on almost every site.

In Home Therapy Vs. Home Health

 In-Home therapy is perfect for patients who still need additional therapy once Home Health has discharged. 

No Skilled Nursing Services are provided with In-Home Therapy vs. Home Health which does provide nursing services in addition to therapy.